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Cleaning & Detailing

There is nothing like a clean looking boat and the best part is you don't need to spend anytime doing it just leave all the details to us and we will have your boat looking like new and smelling like a rose! Spend your time enjoying your boat, not cleaning it. From washing to waxing...we've got you covered.

Give us a call to schedule your next detailing and boat cleaning, now is a good time to call (845) 233-1865

Boat Cleaning Options:

  • Exterior wash

  • Interior clean

  • Full - interior and exterior 

  • Oxidation Removal - Light to Heavy Duty Compound

  • Wax and Sealant - Surface protection

  • Window hard water spot/stain removal

  • Cockpit cleaning


Boat Waxing Options:

  • One step cleaner wax with power buffer - removes light to medium oxidation 

  • Two step wax with power buffer - Compound to remove medium to heavy oxidation, Final wax finish.

  • Color Restoration -  Extremely faded/oxidized colored hulls.  Special compound and waxing combination.

Boat Washing:
We wash your boat from top to bottom, bow to stern and everything in between. We scrub non-skid, lift up hatches and clean the tracks, clean windows and the waterline. 


Compound Buffing and Waxing
If your boat has light to medium oxidation, we can compound buff and wax it to cut through the oxidation, bring back a nice gloss and protect the gel coat for another season. We use a variety of compounds (depending on the oxidation level) with a power buffer to remove the oxidation and bring back the luster and shine of your gel coat. We use only top quality professional products to provide you with the best results. 

If your boat has medium to heavy oxidation, we use a two step process to cut through the oxidation. We will test spot the boat to find the right product for your gel coat and oxidation. Step 1 - Compounding with a power buffer; Step 2 - hand applying wax and buffing off to maintain the new glossy shine and provide protection against those harmful UV rays.

If your boat has heavy oxidation, or your colored hull is very faded/oxidized, we use a special 3 step process with heavy duty formulated compound. 

Interior Cleaning

We offer interior cleaning for both the inside cabin and staterooms of your boat or for the enclosed cockpit or fly bridge on your boat. This includes cleaning the galley, heads, counters, sinks, mirrors, shower or tub, windows, wall and ceiling panels and vacuuming the carpet. For exterior cockpit and fly bridge areas, this includes cleaning and treating vinyl seats, cleaning the helm station and dash area, cleaning the floor, sinks and counters.

GENERAL PRICING: Boat Exterior - Cleaning/Washing/Wax $14-$18/ft  Interior $ 4-$6/ft

(Pricing based on condition of boat surface - heavily oxidized, heavy scum line may require higher per foot charges)

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