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We winterize all makes and models of outboards and inboards Winterizing is more than just sloshing in some fuel stabilizer, draining the engine and adding antifreeze. Consider it to be a very important process to protect your investment that runs from bow to transom, above and below deck. Because boats and engines all differ its important to have a professional handle it,  Winterization procedures protect boat systems and gear from freeze damage. Winterizing also guards items such as batteries, inboard/outboard engines, lower units and stern drives from damage and wear that lying idle during the brutal winter months can cause. Winter's biggest dangers to engines are freezing, corrosion and fuel degradation. Here is our check list for winterizing our customers boats.

Engine Room


Fill fuel tanks and add stabilizer to gasoline

Change oil and filter

Change fuel filters/separators in engine(s)

Check coolant level in freshwater-cooling system

Run antifreeze through raw-water-cooling system

Make sure water strainers are filled with antifreeze

Fog cylinders in gasoline engines

Top up battery electrolyte level and put batteries on marine charger

Installed Generator:

Change oil and filter

Change fuel filters/separators

Check coolant level in freshwater-cooling system and add coolant if necessary Run antifreeze through raw-water-cooling system

Make sure water strainers are filled with antifreeze


Other Systems:

Flush and fill air conditioning system with antifreeze

Run antifreeze through water maker and pickle as per owner’s manual


Fill installed fuel tanks and add stabilizer

Turn off fuel supply and fog while running

Drain gear case and add fresh lubricant

Flush engine and fresh water

Store unit in lowest position

Inspect/replace anodes

Empty fuel from portable tanks


If water intake is in lower unit, flush and run antifreeze through it

Drain gear oil and add fresh lubricant

Inspect/replace anodes

Below The Deck - Winterizing 

Pump out holding tank and add antifreeze to head

Drain water heater and bypass it

Drain freshwater system and run antifreeze through it

Run antifreeze through refrigeration

Deck washdown pump, etc., per owner’s manual

Drain shower sump and other places where water pools

Open lockers to air

Remove cushions or store on their sides

Remove portable electronics

Close propane valves remove portable canisters

Check & verify bilge pump and switch operate properly

Clean and dry bilges

Secure all ports and hatches

Turn off all circuit breakers

Shrink Wrapping - We Do It Right!

We Shrink Almost Anything - Boats, Cars, Amusement Trailers, Outdoor Furniture

From moisture control to zipper doors, RJR Marine has you covered with a variety of shrink wrap options from a basic shrink wrap job to a complete custom job with a zipper access door. Our shrink wrap service includes:

  • 7mil industrial shrink wrap (used for most boat storage applications)

  • Optional 10mil industrial shrink wrap for long haul transportation of your boat at higher speeds

  • Vents to create air circulation, which reduces moisture buildup and helps prevent mold and mildew from forming.

  • Moisture Control Desiccant Bags - used in enclosed spaces to keep condensation from forming.  Our Desiccant Bags are rated for three (3) cubic feet and have been tested to absorb moisture for as long as six months.

  • Framing & Strapping - essential for creating structure when shrink wrapping medium to large boats.  Center wood framing post is installed and strapped as the main structure.  1/2" Strap is used to create the sideways "Ribs".  1/2" Strap is also used to create "Drop Loops". 1/2" Strap is used once more to create the "Perimeter Strap.

  • Optional Zipper Access Door - provide quick entry into a shrink wrap enclosure. Useful for inspection hatches, full or limited access doors are a great solution for lifting points, tie-down rings or any other quick access through a shrink wrap installation.

Pricing$18-$20/ft  Call to Ask for Estimate

(Minimum Charge of $200.00)

Additional Charges for Fly-bridges/Express Boats

Zipper Door 30" X 48" Standard Duty: $38.00

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Boats winterizied after October 15 are not covered by our no freeze insurance policy.

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