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What Our Customers Say About Us:

POSTED: March 2018:

"I purchased an old fishing boat which came with two 1962  7 1/2 HP Fishing Scott/Atwater Motors which have not run for many years, I wanted to try and restore at least one if possible. Unfortunately, I could not get any local dealer or boat mechanic to even look at them. Fortunately someone I mentioned this to said he knew a guy that might take interest in the project.  This was Rico of RJR Marine Service (a new upstart boat & engine repair business) Boy am I glad I got introduced to RJR!, Rico completely restored one of the engines, he had to use parts from both engines, research the internet find and purchase other rare parts that were missing to complete the motor. The motor now runs like a top and I am so happy as it looks awesome on the old boat. Plus the price was very reasonable for the amount of time and energy it took to get it running again.. Many thanks Rico you are a rare find and I will recommend your service to everyone I know. If you are reading this and have a boat or engine that needs repair you can't go wrong with RJR, he is awesome"!                                                                                                           


John Webster, Saugerties, NY

POSTED: April 2018

"I recently utilized RJR Marine in both the Winter and Spring seasons to ensure my 07' 2400 Regal was ready for whatever the water had for us. RJR winterized and covered my boat with a major savings in cost and time. I recently used RJR for my Spring tune up including an oil change, filter replacements, and top to bottom check to ensure everything was in working order. I will continue to recommend this team to boaters and locals alike- thank you for your continued support and commitment to keeping my vessel safe and usable".                    


Ryan LaConture, Kingston NY

Regal Boat.jpg

POSTED: June 2019

"Last Tuesday I tried to start my "new to me" boat in the driveway and found that it would stall at low rpm's. Not wanting to make it worse than it already was I figured I would seek the advise of a professional. I found RJR Marine on the internet and figured I would give them a call. It was 6:30 pm and I was figuring I would get a recording and leave a message. That wasn't the case, Rico answered the phone and told me that I could drop the boat off that night if I wanted. By Wednesday afternoon Rico called to tell me that the boat was ready to pickup - he had flushed the fuel system, cleaned the carburetor twice, changed the oil and all filters, lubricated the cables, checked the bilge pump and navigation lights and he also let me know that the tachometer would need to be replaced. Due to his quick work we were able to get the boat out on the lake that Saturday and I have to believe that this boat didn't run this well when new. Great experience, really nice guy and very professional. If you are looking for a good, honest marine mechanic that's what you will find in Rico at RJR Marine".

Ed Parker, Poughkeepsie, NY

POSTED June 2019

"Best boat/marine guy around" Installed a new VHF radio/antenna plus a complete detail - bottom wash, compound and wax, boat looks awesome ready for the summer. Be back for winterizing at the end of the season! 

Robert Pietkiewicz, Saugerties, NY

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